What is Tachophobia or the Fear of Speed? Definition and Tachophobia Treatment Methods

It is quite normal to notice individuals who suffer from a number of fears or phobias. One such phobia is the fear of speed. What is Tachophobia? We define it as the fear of activities at a pace higher than normal. On a daily basis, people manage to carry out their daily tasks, but the phobic individual experiences all such activities as faster than normal. Treatment of Tachophobia has now become a reality. However, the phenomenon can occur in a number of places or scenarios,

  • Driving fast
  • Speed boating
  • Roller coaster rides
  • Bullet trains
  • Sight of high-speed motion

In addition, it makes it difficult for people to carry out such routine activities. Moreover, some men or women could also view it as a phobia when their lives pass at a rapid rate. The feeling to age fast, sometimes, is also seen as such. Contrarily, in most of the researched cases, these phobias tend not to disrupt the daily life of an individual. Most of the people persistently overcome their fears and tend to assert a greater degree of self control.


Tachophobia - Fear of Speed

Tachophobia – Fear of Speed

What causes Tachophobia – Fear of Speed?

Past experiences are one of the most likely causes. However, social anxiety and regular exposure to stress can also play its part. Let us pinpoint a few exact ways that could cause Tachophobia,

  1. Negative past history; such as being a part of a fatal accident at high speed.
  2. Stress; momentary or long-term, can affect behavior and may also affect how the brain processes information.
  3. All types of speedy motion; such as driving. Phobic individuals often dread the sight of driving. This can also cause them to avoid public transport at certain times or otherwise avoid traveling.
  4. The pace of the environment around you can also have a mild role to play. For one’s children to grow up too fast and rapid changes in household circumstances can have an effect.
  5. A recent case study in America showed a speed boating incident that made a spectator suffer from an anxiety and panic attack.

Are you Tachophobic? What are its Symptoms?

Various symptoms suggest if you could be Tachophobic; most of the symptoms are anxiety related,

  • Difficulty in catching your breath may be due to some persistent fears.
  • Fear of death or Thanatophobia can also suggest a fear of speed alongside.
  • One can also suffer from Tachophobia when they feel sick, nauseous or dizzy.
  • One may also be unable to concentrate or make simple decisions .
  • A person may also not want to exit the home considered safe.


Tachophobia Treatment

Tachophobia Treatment


Tachophobia Treatment Methods

Research suggests a number of methods that prove to be vital in treatment of Tachophobia.

  • Cognitive behavior therapy proves to be the most effective remedy.
  • Depression and anxiety medications can help lessen the symptoms. Generally, these drugs are not advisable because of their side-effects.
  • Another method is a person’s exposure to fear, alongside reduction techniques.
  • Gradual exposure of an individual to high speed objects has also proven to help.

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