What is Thantophobia or Thanatophobia? Fear of Death – Definition, Meaning, Symptoms, Treatment

What is Thantophobia or Thanatophobia? By Definition and Meaning, it is the Fear of Death. A few symptoms help identify phobic individuals for treatment. The fear of dying is due to one’s own death or that of a close companion. It is a reality no one denies that every living thing would taste death at its due time. However, a number of people feel terrified by the talk of death so much that it leads them to an anxiety and severe panic attacks. As a result, it becomes difficult for them to perform their routine activities. For example, the fear of an accident might prevent a person from not driving a vehicle.


Types of Thantophobia – Fear of Death

Phobias owe their occurrence to internal and external factors. Depending upon the specific type of fear that affects an individual, a variety of causes require a note. Therefore, it is important to know the three basic types of fears that relate to death,

  • Fear of being harmed.
  • Fear of physical or emotional harm to someone.
  • The knowledge that life must end.
Thantophobia - Fear of Death

Thantophobia – Fear of Death

Whenever we think of being harmed, we look for survival mechanisms. This leads to a long term depression. On the other hand, it is possible that we harm others or fear doing so. This causes an underlying and unconscious guilt of a misdeed. Lastly, the knowledge that no one escapes death nourishes the need of living longer. As a result, people struggle for health expenditure since everyone fears dying.

Causes of Thanatophobia – Fear of Death

People accept the fact regarding phobias that personality traits are somewhat responsible for anxiety. On the other hand, external events and past history play a role for the growth of various fears. Moreover, some other possible causes include,

  • Family history that includes violence.
  • Self exposure to torture in a lifetime.
  • Remembrance of fatal accidents that could have caused death.
Thanatophobia - Fear of Death

Thanatophobia – Fear of Death

Sigmund Frued in his book “Anatomy is Destiny” argues that violence is learned with time. None of the people are born with a natural disposition to violence. Hence, it is unfair to believe that genetics lead us to anxiety.

What is Thanatophobia or Thantophobia? Symptoms Explained

Death is a reality but none of us want to die. Just the thought of death could trigger wild symptoms among many. The symptoms are both physical and mental. These include many, some of them are,

  • Extreme fear of death.
  • Easily panicking in routine tasks.
  • Physical symptoms like nausea and breathlessness.

Thanatophobia Treatment

It is wrong to take anxiety medicines for treatment of Thanatophobia. Depression is another condition with its own remedies. However, phobias are acute and specific in their action. Hence, they come with their own cure. A question might arise about how to diagnose the problem? This is best done by the person who suffers it the most. If the phobia is so severe that it affects the healthy functioning of life, a person better look to treatment. Some remedies that help are,

  • Religious counseling that tries to restore divine faith.
  • Hypnotherapy.
  • Talking about your fears with other fellows to overcome it.
  • Therapies to bring about behavioral change.
  • Brain programming.

To conclude, it is advised to face the realities of death. From being born to growing old, the cycle continues and never stops. Once a person beats the causes, Thantophobia is a thing of the past.

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