What is Phobia of Holes and How to Cure Trypophobia or the resounding Hole Phobia?

It is common to define Phobia of Holes or the Hole Phobia as a skin disease. People question: How to Cure Trypophobia? The discussion is carried further from the previous discussion. This article covers material such as the general causes, symptoms and psychological methods to cure it. The goal is to lead towards a treatment. Consequently, certain methods prove helpful in curing the disease, but the need of the hour is to look into the medical science and search for newer methods that lead to a satisfactory answer, as well as provide an insight into What is Trypophobia? As a result, based on a comprehensive research material in the field of study, the article looks into the associated causes considered helpful in overcoming a variety of fears.

What is Phobia of Holes or the Hole Phobia? Associated causes:

Doctors have come up with certain facts about what causes the phobia of holes. Based on an academic study, all types of fears exist in our brains. To hate on some specific objects, often leads towards a persistent growth of fears within us. People, over the course of history have feared dangerous animals or their own inner psychological fears. Therefore, when they associate their fears with household items or the ones found in public space, with a cluster of holes, they tend to associate with Trypophobia. The leading organ that plays a major role in the process is our brain, which is also the most important organ of our body.

Studies conducted from time to time, try to discover more or related causes. Brain, being the most complex structure, to-date, remains the most difficult to understand and plays a key role in our fears. The picture below depicts a human skin blended with holes. Though, it’s unnatural but many people feel tremors down their bodies on seeing it. Even people considered normal to such fears, often get a shocker.

How to Cure Trypophobia and Phobia Of Holes

How to Cure Trypophobia and Phobia Of Holes


How to Cure Trypophobia?

Modern day theories offer a wide range of tools from technology to herbal treatments. They help in fighting fears and try to build peace with objects considered dangerous in our surroundings. The objects may differ from person to person. A newly researched method only tries to eliminate the effects suffered by it. It is based on the theory that phobias would always exist. Therefore, mitigating the effects is the only viable solution.

How does the method work? The people under analysis expose themselves to various objects they previously feared from, in an attempt to explain the workable process to them. It is a process through which the responsiveness to the senses, all five of them, is diminished or decreased. The person under examination is constantly exposed to his fears in an attempt to overcome the symptoms. Thus, when the patient organizes his set of beliefs, distinctly concerning his fears, he may no longer fear them. The process is also known to reduce phobias in certain cases. In various treatments, people are often hypnotized leading the doctors to see through their fears. The process may lead to an accurate diagnosis and consequently, a solution to the problem.


Hole Phobia

Hole Phobia

Other methods used for treatment of Trypophobia include communication techniques. A small minority of the techniques perform better healing than communication alone. New methods of treatment are still under research. The field of study is still new to doctors and various health departments across hospitals are still working on it. American doctors have overtaken various studies in this regard. New methods based on touch sensations, help relieve some of the symptoms. The article is a rough analysis on Phobia of Holes or Hole Phobia. The website dedicates to answering questions on How to Cure Trypophobia.

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